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                2022 Ningbo Marathon Returns
                Source: Insight Ningbo  | 2022-12-19 15:29:00

                  The runners in the Marathon.

                  On December 18th, Ningbo Marathon Race was successfully held at Dongqian Lake. The event offered 10,000 available slots, with 2,000 runners in the full marathon (42.195km), 3,000 in the half marathon (21.0975km), and 5,000 in the “happy run” (5km), according to the press conference on Dec. 9th at Ningbo Administrative Conference Centre.

                  12月9日,2022宁波马拉松新闻发布会在市行政会议中心举行,正式宣布甬马回归!据悉,比赛已于12月18日在东钱湖顺利举行, 1万名参赛者参与其中。比赛设置全程马拉松(42.195公里)2000人、半程马拉松(21.0975公里)3000人、欢乐跑(5公里)5000人三个组别。

                  The competition’s starting line was set near the intersection of Dongqian Lake Avenue and Huanhu West Road. Its racing route connects Ningbo’s tourist destinations, historical sites, Song (Dynasty) style attractions, and new landmarks. Passing through the Ningbo International Conference Center, Ningbo Delson Golf Club, Hanling Old Street, Taogong Island, Xiaoputuo Scenic Area, Southern Song Sculpture Park, Fuquan Mountain, Shilisixiang Scenic Area and Ningbo Wildlife Park, it provides a “natural oxygen bar” for runners, allowing them to appreciate the unique charm of Dongqian Lake.


                  Ningbo Marathon, as one of the representative marathon competitions in Zhejiang, boasts a national-level scale and enjoys municipal significance as one of its sporting and cultural events. This year marks the fifth race of Ningbo Marathon, following the events in 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019. It has won the title of the “Chinese Athletics Association Silver Medal Event.”


                  The year 2022 saw the “bounce-back” of the Ningbo Marathon after a three-year break. On top of upgrades in competition organization, runner services, route design, atmosphere creation and event promotion, this year’s Marathon incorporated the philosophies of “eco-friendliness, green and public welfare”. To implement these ideas, environmental protection, and public welfare activities were held, integrating the promotion of the concept of regional public welfare and poverty alleviation, with this competition as the main carrier. During the event, Ningbo Marathon Carnival, Ningbo Marathon Training Camp, and other activities were held effectively to strengthen Ningbo’s image as a “Sports City”.


                  The development of the Ningbo Marathon represents the robust momentum of Ningbo’s sports industry, particularly the growth in Yinzhou District. As one of China’s first pilot cities for sports consumption and the co-host city of the 19th Asian Games, Ningbo is seeing a growing sports sector. The total output value of the city’s sports industry reached 68 billion yuan in 2020, achieving the goal of doubling the industrial scale during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period and accounting for nearly a quarter of the province’s total; the added value is 20 billion yuan, accounting for 1.62 percent of the city’s GDP. In recent years, the total output of Yinzhou’s sports industry has reached 6.66 billion yuan, and it has been designated as a national sports industry demonstration base, a national sports advanced unit, and one of the first sports modernization zones in Zhejiang Province.


                  “At the moment, we are focusing on constructing a city of sports, events, and the sports industry, allowing concepts developed within the industry to become firmly ingrained in the hearts of the people, thereby leading to a high-quality sporting development trend,” stated Zhang Xingjun, secretary of the Party Committee of Yinzhou Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism, and Sports.


                  Reporter: Dai Bin

                  Translator: Mei Jie

                  Proofreaders: Zhang Dongjing, Yao Zhanhong, Jason Mowbray


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